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+ Steppenwolf, American Theatre Cover
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Wedding Play

Publication: Chicago Reader
Published: September 7, 2007
Client: About Face Theater

by Albert Williams

The simmering controversy over marriage equality for gays and straights provides a timely backdrop for Wedding Play , About Face Theatre’s local season opener. “The question of who marries whom is certainly central to the play,” says its author, About Face artistic director Eric Rosen. He describes this world premiere as a “metatheatrical murder mystery” about a Chicago playwright-director who leaves his male lover to marry his former girlfriend so they can have a baby. When the wife and child later die under mysterious circumstances, the writer pens a play within the play that mirrors the situation—and casts his ex-boyfriend as the villain. Founded in 1995, About Face (whose past credits include last year’s Gertrude Stein musical Loving Repeating and the Broadway hit I Am My Own Wife ) is dedicated to new work about “gender and sexual identity,” says Rosen, noting that “identity is much more complicated than just gay or straight.” Sun 11/4-Sun 12/2, About Face Theatre at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Merle Reskin Garage Theatre.


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